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Welcome to the Miosix wiki. This wiki contains the documentation for the Miosix kernel.

Recently ST Microeletronics has changed the firmware used for ST-LINK utility on its Discovery boards. For this reason, if you have bought a STM32 Discovery board recently, it's highly possible that you may encounter problems in uploading your firmware using the Qstlink GUI utility.
Until an update of the Qstlink utility is released (which not depends upon us), in this page you can find a temporary fix for this issue.

Getting started

Follow the Quick start to install the Miosix Toolchain and compile the Miosix 2.0 kernel.



Check out which microcontroller boards are supported by Miosix.

Account creation

Due to spam (within two days from setting up the wiki) account registration is disabled. If you want to create an account, ask to fede.tft&& (s/&&/@/)