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Here is a list of some of the Miosix APIs, currently far form being complete

  • The Serial port tutorial explains how to interface to a computer through the C functions printf()/scanf() or the C++ cin/cout objects.
  • The Filesystem tutorial explains how to read/write to files on a SD or MicroSD card using the standard C/C++ API.
  • The Pthread tutorial shows the basics of multithreading in Miosix using the standard Pthread API.
  • The Native thread tutorial shows how to use the Miosix-specific thread API.
  • The Event API allows to do thread pools using std::bind() and std::function().
  • The GPIO tutorial shows how to interface with external hardware devices using the GPIO API.
  • The HD44780 LCD tutorial shows how to connect a standard alphanumeric LCD to a board running Miosix.
  • The Servo tutorial shows how to interface with servomotors from Miosix.
  • The Interrupt tutorial shows how to handle interrupts generated from on-chip peripherals.