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Recent ST Microelectronics development boards come with a new version of the ST-LINK firmware to support the ARM mbed platform. This update may give problems with the QStlink GUI tool recommended in this wiki to upload your firmware into the Discovery board's microcontroller.

The boards with the new firmware are identified by one of these facts:

  • when the board is connected to a computer is seen by the operating system as an USB drive.
  • the board order code has the word "DISC1" at its end, as an example: "STM32F429I-DISC1"
  • the ST-LINK firmware version is "ST-LINK/V2-B"

Tested configurations

  • Boards with ST-LINK firmware version 2.27.15 work correctly with the QStlink utility 1.2.3.
  • Board with firmware 2.28.18 or above don't work with QStlink (see this github issue).
  • QStlink version 1.3.0 don't work as it's still in development, and puts the board into a locked state that can be undone by flashing a binary with the stm32 Utility for Windows.

If you have a board with firmware 2.28.x, the firmware update function of STM32 Utility for Windows up to now downgrades your version to 2.27.x, while the standalone firmware updater updates it to 2.28.x.

Flashing with mbed virtual drive

You can also use the mbed virtual USB drive to flash miosix binaries, however you may not be able to flash smaller binaries because the ST-LINK seems to be checking for a valid binary.