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Mxgui level 1


class  mxgui::Display
class  mxgui::DrawingContext
class  mxgui::Font
class  mxgui::basic_image_base< T >
class  mxgui::basic_image< T >
class  mxgui::Point
class  mxgui::ResourceImage
class  mxgui::TgaImage


#define ENTRY   int main


typedef unsigned short mxgui::Color
typedef basic_image_base
< unsigned short > 
typedef basic_image< unsigned
short > 


const Color mxgui::white (0xffff)
 White color constant.
const Color mxgui::black (0x0000)
 Black color constant.
const Color mxgui::darkGrey (0x4208)
 Dark grey color constant.
const Color mxgui::grey (0x8410)
 Grey color constant.
const Color mxgui::lightGrey (0xc618)
 Light grey color constant.
const Color mxgui::red (0xf800)
 Red color constant.
const Color mxgui::green (0x07e0)
 Green color constant.
const Color mxgui::blue (0x001f)
 Blue color constant.


const Font mxgui::droid11 (droid11StartChar, droid11EndChar, droid11Height, droid11DataSize, droid11IsAntialiased, droid11Width, droid11Offset, droid11Data)
const Font mxgui::droid21 (droid21StartChar, droid21EndChar, droid21Height, droid21DataSize, droid21IsAntialiased, droid21Width, droid21Offset, droid21Data)

Define Documentation

#define ENTRY   int main

Simple macro to work around the fact that under miosix the code starts at main(), while within the mxgui simulator code starts at entryPoint()

Use it like this:

     //Your main() code

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned short mxgui::Color

Define the Color type, depending on the COLOR_DEPTH constant

typedef basic_image<unsigned short> mxgui::Image

Define the Image class, depending on the COLOR_DEPTH constant

typedef basic_image_base<unsigned short> mxgui::ImageBase

Define the ImageBase class, depending on the COLOR_DEPTH constant

Variable Documentation

const Font mxgui::droid11

Droid 11, a variable width antialiased font

const Font mxgui::droid21

Droid 21, a variable width antialiased font