#define WITH_RTC


const short int miosix::PRIORITY_MAX = 4
 Number of priorities (MUST be >1).
const unsigned int miosix::TICK_FREQ = 200
 Frequency of tick (in Hz). Tipically 200 ticks per second.
const unsigned int MAIN_STACK_SIZE = 2048
 Size of stack for main().
const unsigned char MAIN_PRIORITY = 1
 Priority of main().
const unsigned int SERIAL_PORT_SPEED = 115200
 Serial port baudrate.
const unsigned char MAX_OPEN_FILES = 4
 Maximum number of open files.

Detailed Description

If your application requires it, you can change the default settings for kernel and drivers.

Kernel settings are in miosix/kernel/kernel_settings.h,
while all other settings are in miosix/miosix_settings.h

Don't forget to rebuild the kernel if you make modifications to these settings.

Define Documentation


JTAG debuggers lose communication with the device if it enters sleep mode, so to use debugging it is necessary to disble sleep in the idle thread. By default it is not defined (idle thrad calls sleep).


Uncomment if you want that to resume after shutdown, the user must hold down the button for two seconds. Comment if you want instant resume. By default it is not defined (no wakeup delay)


Uncomment to print bootlogs. By default it is defined (bootlogs are printed)


If defined the function cpu_load() becomes available. By default it is defined (cpu_load() is available)


Uncomment for debug information on error. By default it is defined (error information is printed)


Uncomment to include filesystem support. By default it is defined (filesystem support is enabled)


Uncomment to enable support for initialization and shutdown callbacks. If enabled, the user must supply those functions:

   void callback_startup();
   void callback_shutdown(); 

By default it is defined (init callbacks are provided in callbacks.cpp)

#define WITH_RTC

Uncomment to enable support for RTC. Time-related functions depend on it. By default it is defined (RTC is active)


If defined, incoming data fron the serial port will be buffered prior to being delivered to stdin related functions (scanf, fgets, cin...). Buffer is flushen on newline or when full. This has a behaviour more similar to desktop operating systems but requires 1KB of RAM for the buffer. By default it is not defined (stdin is unbuffered)

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