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To start using Miosix you need a patched version of the GCC compiler called Miosix Toolchain and git to download the kernel sources. Optionally you can also use an IDE to simplify code development, and an in-circuit debugger to speed up bug fixing.

Getting started

This section will guide you through the installation of the minimum requirements to start using Miosix: installing the compiler, and downloading the kernel.

Miosix and git workflow

See Miosix and git workflow to understand how to manage the Miosix git repository.

In-circuit debugger

An in-circuit debugger allows to physically halt the CPU inside a microcontroller, single-step it and view all the variables at any given time. It is a powerful tool to debug software running on a microcontroller. Miosix uses GDB and openocd for in-circuit debugging.


At the moment the simplest way to develop Miosix is to use a plain text editor. Alternatively, you can use any IDE that supports Makefiles to take advantage of features such as autocompletion and/or debugger integration (where available).

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is known to work properly on the Miosix source tree with the standard C/C++ and Makefile extensions. After installing these extensions, you need to configure IntelliSense in the C/C++ extension to use the include paths found from the Makefile by setting the Configuration provider for the workspace to ms-vscode.makefile-tools.

Integration with GDB/openocd has not been tested but you can run GDB/openocd manually in the integrated terminal.

Netbeans IDE

Important: These instructions were developed back when NetBeans was still a Sun product, they are probably outdated by now!

For a long time the default IDE to develop for Miosix has been Netbeans. NetBeans does not come with Miosix support out of the box, so you have to configure it first.

Other IDEs