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mxgui::Event Class Reference
[Mxgui level 2]

#include <input.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Event ()
 Event (EventType::E e)
 Event (EventType::E e, Point p)
EventType::E getEvent () const
bool hasValidPoint () const
Point getPoint () const

Detailed Description

Generic event class. Events are the object type used to dispatch events such as button presses or touchscreen taping to applications. An Event has an associated type, which is implementation-defined depending on the board on which mxgui is ported (different boards have different number of buttons), and a point used to represent touchscreen point of touch for boards that have a touchscreen.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mxgui::Event::Event (  )  [inline]

Default constructor

mxgui::Event::Event ( EventType::E  e  )  [inline, explicit]

Constructor for events without a position information

e event type
mxgui::Event::Event ( EventType::E  e,
Point  p 
) [inline]

Constructor for events that also carry a position information

e event type
p point

Member Function Documentation

EventType::E mxgui::Event::getEvent (  )  const [inline]
the event information
Point mxgui::Event::getPoint (  )  const [inline]
the point information
bool mxgui::Event::hasValidPoint (  )  const [inline]
true if the event has a valid point associated with it

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