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mxgui::ApplicationManager Class Reference
[Mxgui level 2]

#include <application.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static bool start (Application *app, bool modal=false)

Detailed Description

The application manager is a class used mainly to start applications

Member Function Documentation

bool mxgui::ApplicationManager::start ( Application app,
bool  modal = false 
) [static]
app Application to start. The pointer must point to an heap allocated instance of an application class. The pointer is deleted internally by the ApplicationManager when the application terminates. Since the pointer passed to start() can be deleted at any time, it is undefined behaviour to dereference it after the call to start(). The suggested way to call this member function is

 class MyApp : public application
 ApplicationManager::start(new MyApp);
modal if true the application will be started in the thread that calls start, and therefore the call to start won't return till the application will terminate.
true if success, false on failure

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