/Users/fede/Documents/Projects/ARM/miosix/miosix_np_2/miosix/config/miosix_settings.h File Reference

#include "arch_settings.h"
#include "board_settings.h"

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namespace  miosix




const unsigned char miosix::MAX_OPEN_FILES = 8
 Maximum number of open files. Trying to open more will fail.
const unsigned int miosix::STACK_MIN = 384
 Minimum stack size (MUST be divisible by 4).
const unsigned int miosix::STACK_DEFAULT_FOR_PTHREAD = 2048+512
const short int miosix::PRIORITY_MAX = 4
const unsigned char miosix::MAIN_PRIORITY = 1

Detailed Description

NOTE: this file contains ONLY configuration options that are not dependent on architecture specific details. The other options are in the following files which are included here: miosix/arch/architecture name/common/arch_settings.h miosix/arch/architecture name/board name/board_settings.h

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