const unsigned char miosix::MAX_OPEN_FILES = 8
 Maximum number of open files. Trying to open more will fail.
const unsigned int miosix::STACK_MIN = 384
 Minimum stack size (MUST be divisible by 4).
const unsigned int miosix::STACK_DEFAULT_FOR_PTHREAD = 2048+512
const short int miosix::PRIORITY_MAX = 4
const unsigned char miosix::MAIN_PRIORITY = 1

Detailed Description

If your application requires it, you can change the default settings for kernel and drivers.

Kernel settings are in miosix/kernel/kernel_settings.h,
while all other settings are in miosix/miosix_settings.h

Don't forget to rebuild the kernel if you make modifications to these settings.

Define Documentation


JTAG debuggers lose communication with the device if it enters sleep mode, so to use debugging it is necessary to disble sleep in the idle thread. By default it is not defined (idle thread calls sleep).


Increases filesystem write robustness. After each write operation the filesystem is synced so that a power failure happens data is not lost (unless power failure happens exactly between the write and the sync) Unfortunately write latency and throughput becomes twice as worse By default it is defined (slow but safe)


Uncomment to print bootlogs on stdout. By default it is defined (bootlogs are printed)


Uncomment for debug information on stdout. By default it is defined (error information is printed)


Allows to enable/disable filesystem support. By default it is defined (filesystem support is enabled)

Variable Documentation

const unsigned char miosix::MAIN_PRIORITY = 1

Priority of main() The meaning of a thread's priority depends on the chosen scheduler.

const short int miosix::PRIORITY_MAX = 4

Number of priorities (MUST be >1) PRIORITY_MAX-1 is the highest priority, 0 is the lowest. -1 is reserved as the priority of the idle thread. The meaning of a thread's priority depends on the chosen scheduler.

const unsigned int miosix::STACK_DEFAULT_FOR_PTHREAD = 2048+512

Default stack size for pthread_create. The chosen value is enough to call C standard library functions such as printf/fopen which are stack-heavy

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