void miosix::IRQfind_next_thread ()

Detailed Description

Miosix drivers API

Contains functions and macros that can be used to write drivers for hardware peripherals. These functions, plus the IRQ methods of the Queue class provide a way to transfer data between an interrupt routine and user code, and a way to cause preemption inside an interrupt routine to wake a higher priority Thread waiting on some hardware peripheral.

Also contains the default drivers for each architecture.

Function Documentation

void miosix::IRQfind_next_thread (  ) 

This function is used to developed interrupt driven peripheral drivers.
Can be used ONLY inside an IRQ (and not when interrupts are disabled) to find next thread in READY status. If the kernel is paused, does nothing. Can be used for example if an IRQ causes a higher priority thread to be woken, to change context. Note that to use this function the IRQ must use the macros to save/restore context defined in portability.h

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