miosix::RestartKernelLock Class Reference

#include <kernel.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RestartKernelLock (PauseKernelLock &l)
 ~RestartKernelLock ()

Detailed Description

This class allows to temporarily restart kernel in a scope where it is paused with an InterruptDisableLock.
 //Kernel started
     PauseKernelLock dLock;

     //Now kernel paused

         RestartKernelLock eLock(dLock);

         //Now kernel back started

     //Now kernel again paused
 //Finally kernel started

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

miosix::RestartKernelLock::RestartKernelLock ( PauseKernelLock l  )  [inline]

Constructor, restarts kernel.

l the PauseKernelLock that disabled interrupts. Note that this parameter is not used internally. It is only required to prevent erroneous use of this class by making an instance of it without an active PauseKernelLock

miosix::RestartKernelLock::~RestartKernelLock (  )  [inline]

Destructor. Disable back interrupts.

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