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Before you begin

This tutorial is mainly focused at showing

  • How to add Mxgui to your project
  • How to drive a small OLED display that can be easily found on ebay with Mxgui

Small oled.jpg

This tutorial assumes that you have read the Miosix and git workflow and that you have already downloaded and configured the kernel. The code of this example can be found in the mxgui library itself


In the Miosix top-level directory (or in the directory of your project if you are using an out of git tree project download the mxgui library. If you are under a git repository

git submodule add

or if your project directory is not under git

git clone

If you are using an out of git tree project setup is is recomended to copy the mxgui/config/mxgui_settings.h file in your project config directory as you'll need to edit it.

cp mxgui/config/mxgui_settings.h config

Now edit your makefile to add the following:

Add the mxgui directory to SUBDIRS so when you run make, the graphics library will be compiled

SUBDIRS := $(KPATH) mxgui

Add libmxgui.a to LIBS so the the graphics library will be linked

LIBS := mxgui/libmxgui.a

Add both the mxgui directory and the directory one level upper to INCLUDE_DIRS so includes will work

INCLUDE_DIRS := -I. -Imxgui

Now, edit mxgui_settings.h as follows, commenting out these two lines. The second line serves to disable the input module of the library, as in this example we don't have a touchscreen driver.

#error This error is a reminder that you have not edited mxgui_settings.h yet.
#define MXGUI_LEVEL_2

Replace your main with the example code and edit it as needed to match the pins to the ones of the display

cp mxgui/_examples/display_ly091wg14/main.cpp .

Build the example with make, and flash it with make program.