/Users/fede/Documents/Projects/ARM/miosix/miosix_np_2/miosix/interfaces/bsp.h File Reference

#include "interfaces-impl/bsp_impl.h"

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namespace  miosix


void miosix::shutdown ()
void miosix::reboot ()

Detailed Description

This file contains architecture specific board support package. It must at least provide these four functions:

IRQbsp_init(), to initialize the board to a known state early in the boot process (before the kernel is started, and when interrupts are disabled)

bsp_init2(), to perform the remaining part of the initialization, once the kernel is started

shutdown(), for system shutdown. This function is called in case main() returns, and is available to be called by user code.

reboot(), a function that can be called to reboot the system under normal (non error) conditions. It should sync and unmount the filesystem, and perform a reboot. This function is available for user code.

Other than this, the board support package might contain other functions, classes, macros etc. to support peripherals and or board hardware.

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