Miosix embedded OS

Miosix is an OS kernel designed to run on 32bit microcontrollers, in active development since 2008.
It supports both a single process, multiple threads application model where applications are statically linked with the kernel, and an experimental multiprocess environment with memory protection that allows loading applications at runtime.
The kernel is royalty-free and licensed under the GPL license with an exception that allows it to be linked with propietary application code.

Getting started

For the documentation of the latest kernel have a look at the Miosix Wiki. To download the Miosix kernel, go to the gitorious page.


In use


Miosix has been used by Skyward in the Rocksanne I-X rocket. Its purpose was to run the software to log the flight data and to decide when to open the parachute.

3D Rendering

An example of using Miosix and mxgui to render a 3D object entirely in software and without double buffering on an STM32 microcontroller. Source code is provided here as one of the examples of the mxgui library.